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Just a Ride

What did we do this weekend? Nothing, nothing and nothing. Oh well we did ride our bikes around our tiny town. Only thing is we had to use backroads since we don't have helmets and people around here are blind and drive very large cars, mostly the front of the car is large but you get the picture. We are working to resolve the helmet issue, no worries, protective headgear is of the utmost importance in the Everyday household.

Are you watching the Emmy's? We are not, regretfully. (Well probably not regretful for my husband, but for me. I'm missing all the pretty dresses!) I'm sure we could rig our non-cable tv up and get it but for now I'll watch the photos roll in on the internet. Not a bad gig for a Sunday night, if I do say so myself.

Don't act as if you didn't see this coming:
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How was your weekend?