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24 (like the TV show)

Two posts, one day. That's what you get when I freak out, hesitate and post a day late. By the way, thanks so much for the encouragement -- I don't know what I was thinking either. I really like that outfit now, so thanks to you guys and my husband for the kind words. It's true though -- some days how you feel can project so much as to how you look at yourself. I needed a hug and a nap yesterday. I got one of them. Thanks for sticking with me through bad moods and all.

I'm really surprised by how fast this remix challenge has gone by. Outfit 24 and I've got so many more combinations spinning in my head and only 6 more outfits to go. Maybe I'll throw in a few extra credit outfits in there at the end, just to keep you guys around.

I decided to wear my cardigan as a shirt today which was nice while I was in the office, terrible when I was outside in the glaring heat. One word: sweaty. I might wait this trend out until late October when it's less than 1000 degrees outside.

Not to get all domestic on you or anything, but have you ever made something so disgusting for dinner that you can't stomach it after one bite? Well this happened tonight and about halfway through dinner my husband asked if my stomach hurt like his did. Ladies, if your husband suggests that his stomach is upset 10 minutes into dinner, you should just start cooking with Pepto. If you are wondering what I dreamed up in my kitchen tonight, I've got a strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to imaginary recipes.

The good news is I looked darling in my apron while cooking it and I'm off of kitchen duty for the next two months.

(EDIT: Guys -- what is this?!? Is it a dead bird? A spider? A tarantula? Whatever it is, I ended up stepping on it. Guesses are welcome.)

(EDIT 2: It was a bat. Turns out there are a lot of them in this parking garage. Sadly, he is no longer with us. We think that the Texas heat probably got the best of this little guy.)