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Beg, Steal or Borrow

I can not believe it is August 30th. This month has flown by. Time flies when you document what you wear every day on the internet.*

It has finally dipped below 100 degrees here. It hung around 89 today, so very nice. That's why I busted out the old cardigan. I can just smell fall, hanging around like that creepy kid in jr. high that had a crush on you but you were way too tall for him. Like a foot taller, so it would have been weird to date, you know? But then you might have dated him for three days, and then you broke up with him one night while rollerblading. After that you'd see him creeping in hallways just like the season of fall. See? That made complete sense. You thought I was just going off on some random dialogue again.

Shout out to reader Jessica who works at Anthropologie and is so nice and always says hello when we go in. Thank you for believing me when I told you that my purse would beep when I went through the sensor detectors. I promise that I did not steal anything. But I can't speak for my husband. He works alone. I'll give him a good pat-down tonight. (too much?)

Hey, hey check out my interview over at Modly Chic, only if you want. No pressure. Of course there might be a quiz later this week, but it's up to you...pretty please?

*give or take 3 days out of the week.