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Half and Half


I try to keep things pretty honest around here (and by 'pretty honest', I mean half truth and half lies). So I've got to be transparent with you all. This is not a skirt; no, these are culottes. (Or 'knee-breeches' according to Wikipedia.) Yes -- the shorts that wish they were a skirt. Half skirt, half shorts. Culottes: the pride of the 80's. Not a girl, not yet a woman. (Wait...that's an old Britney Spears song, how did that end up here?)

I wore these babies out on our date night last night and I don't know if the town was ready for this jelly. Just kidding, no one pays attention to me. I'm going to need something a lot more flashy than swingy shorts and red heels. I'm going to need a perm-mullet and some camo. Then I'll turn some heads.