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False Alarm

{Shop: Dress/Top, Similar skirt, Round NecklaceWedges}

I could have named this post so many things. 

"What to wear to a job interview at a 1980's night club"
"Did people in the 80's not have a waist?"
"This is not a top, it's a dress."

Okay that last one is a little boring, but sometimes the truth is boring. What about -- This top is...actually a dress!!! See that's better. I can just feel your excitement. I bet you are clapping at your computer screen right now, I know I am. 

Sometimes when I buy things from a thrift store, I wonder where else the item was worn and who would give up such a gem. I also wonder why people in the past had such tiny waists. I wore this outfit yesterday and by dinner I had to unzip my skirt because I thought I was having an appendicitis. Turns out, I wasn't. My skirt was just too tight. Will that stop me from buying tiny blue skirts and wearing them pushed up to my rib cage so? Yeah right. You're going to have to do a lot more than fake an emergency, internal organs.