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(Not so) Plain and Simple

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It's been a long day. My eyes are going fuzzy as I write this, so if I happen to misspell a few words, fourgiv me.

Today I realized something: I have no idea what to do with a pretty dress. Give me an old, tossed aside skirt from the 80's and 15 minutes, I'll give you an outfit. Give me a pretty dress that doesn't even need a belt and I'm dumbfounded.  As a blogger I lean more on over-styling outfits than under-styling. Most of the time this works, but today it just didn't. I had cardigans, jackets, scarves, jewelry all over the place -- trying to find the perfect way to wear this dress. (Cookies were also involved, but not as a part of the outfit.) Then it hit me -- stop fighting the pretty dress, Kendi. Wear some heels, pearls and get on with your day.

Once I stopped talking to myself in third person, I realized I was right. I always give myself the best advice.