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Over the Weekend

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Whatever side the wrong side of the bed is, I think that I woke up on it. Today I am a grump and this is more than just the normal Monday moodiness, people. This is wrong-side-of-the-bed-and-will-last-until-I go-back-to-sleep grumpiness. In other words, stay away or give me chocolate. Maybe both. 

But lo and behold I have a little bit of sunshine in my pocket today. We took these photos over the weekend when we went out on a date. Honestly, if I could live in this outfit I would. I plan on filling my summer days with boyfriend jeans and colorful tops AKA the world's easiest outfit next to a maxi dress and/or a muu-muu. Speaking of muu-muu's, this is one faded trend that I personally hope makes a comeback. For no other reasons other than the fact that I like the word.