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Lady Like

{Shop: Blouse, Necklace, Similar belt, Heels}

I cleaned out my closet this week and remembered that I had forgotten about this skirt. This was my proudest purchase to date from Anthropologie -- it cost me $10. And $10 at Anthro is like $100 at Target, so you can understand my excitement.  I kind of feel like I ended up making money off the deal, somehow. Let me do my math and get back to you on that, but I'm pretty sure that me buying this skirt was Anthro's loss. 

I've been in a full skirt mode lately. Not that I've lost my love for pencil skirts, but I just love the look of a-line skirts this spring. Plus I kind of feel like a lady. I type this as I'm sitting slouched in my chair, legs definitely not crossed, both elbows on the desk. 

I'm a swine with pearls on, or in this case a really pretty skirt.