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eighteen: 1.18.10




What a wonderful weekend we had. To celebrate our two year anniversary we decided to take a little 25 mile road trip to a few wineries around where we live. I discovered a few things on our little wine tour: Two hours of "tasting" portions is equivalent to many glasses of wine; desert wine on an empty stomach is the devil and I've got every expensive taste. We capped off the day by buying silly gifts for one another and a few bottles of wine to save for our next anniversary.

I went to work today, even though it was MLK Jr. Day. It was a quiet day at work for the most part. Felt more like a Tuesday than a Monday. A week without a Monday? I'll take two, please. I just hope tomorrow doesn't make up for how polite today was. Be nice Tuesday and we will be nice to you.

So I don't actually think that this sweater dress qualifies as a dress on me. It's more like a sweater tunic or a long sweater vest. At 5'9 most dresses don't actually qualify as dresses. For work I use the fingertip rule -- if it's longer than my fingertips when I hold my arms to the side then it's probably appropriate. Keyword here being probably. (The fingertip rule is not patented by me, so if you'd like to use it for your wardrobe planning, be my guest.) As you can probably tell, I began to rip a hole in the middle of the sweater because I kept pulling it down today and it would ride right back up. I'll probably stick with actual pants underneath this sweater the next time I wear it. Just to be safe --and to stay employed.

p.s. We thought that we'd pay homage to the upcoming season premiere of LOST with the location today. Sadly Jack and Sawyer were nowhere to be found...