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the one that got away

1.28.10 blog

Is it bad that when I first start typing out a post I always start with the weather? Just a like I would if I were sitting next to a stranger and trying to start up a general conversation. So cliche and so true. I think most of my posts have covered the weather the last couple of weeks. So tonight I will spare you. Ok, ok -- it rained today. But that's all I'm sharing.

My friend Amy and I were talking the other night about "the one that got away." You know that one piece of clothing that you either gave away or you didn't buy and it's haunted you since. (Okay so haunted may be a bit strong...) My worst thing that "got away" was a pair of brand new jeans -- I mean never worn, tags on and still had that just-purchased smell kind of brand new. I was helping at a garage sale and somehow my new jeans got thrown into the sell pile. I don't even know how it happened. But before I realized it, they were gone. Some lucky person hit the garage sale lottery that day. Maybe this means that I have good thrifting karma floating around out there. Maybe one day I'll find a brand new pair of jeans, just my size marked down for $1.50. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and eyes open. So, did you ever have that one that got away?

I have to tell you about how cheap my outfit is today. We'll start from the top:
Cardigan -- $10
Dress -- $25
Belt -- $20
Shoes -- $8
Necklace: -$3

All together: $66 -- less that what the original price of that dress cost. What a good job of saving I did! I think that I deserve a raise...

B and I are taking tomorrow off and we're heading down to Austin to hang out with some friends. Let the three day weekend begin.