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the outfit theory

1.26.10 blog

Do you ever wake up and the outfit you planned to wear just doesn't work out? This has been happening a lot to me lately. They seem like such good ideas in my head while I'm drifting off to sleep but in reality, I look like a hot mess who is running late. "Outfit Theories" as my husband calls them. I also do this when I pack for a trip. I conjure up these crazy outfits and whenever I get to where I'm going, I can't find anything to wear. Anyways, that is what happened this morning. My outfit theory just did not work in any way, so I had to pull something together fast. I decided on the trusty ol' boots + blazer + skirt combo. You just can't go wrong. It may not be my best outfit, but hey it isn't the worst, right?

Last night our two best friends came down from Austin to eat dinner with us. Since I needed to take my outfit picture I ended up having to tell them about my blog. I haven't really told anyone about this yet, since I'm still new to everything. Really only my best friend and husband know. (Well and you guys of course.) But as it turns out they were totally cool and didn't even call me vain, at least not to my face. Now those are true friends. But it makes me wonder if this is normal -- to have a blog and not tell anyone about it. If you have a style/fashion blog or a personal blog, do you keep it a secret or tell everyone you know about it?