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fourteen: 1.12.10




sweater: urban outfitters
tank: old navy
pants: gap
shoes: DSW
necklace: anthropologie

I'm going to go ahead and break the news to you -- this is not a body suit. I am wearing a top and a bottom, not a lycra one-piece jumper. Although that would be awesome as well. But that's the problem with all black, it never quite translates in photos. I feel as if I am gravitating towards black lately. Do you ever do that, find something -- a style, a color, an accessory -- and you wear it for weeks and then you are suddenly over it? I do that a lot. I date a style for a little bit and then without warning I dump it. Well black and I have an open relationship. I see other colors for a while, but I always seem to come crawling back.

In other news, I finally found the perfect pair of black cigarette pants. They are at Gap right now, and they are perfect. The fabric is thick and stretchy, or as my husband said "they are like exercise pants." I'm just thankful he remembers that I own exercise pants. Anyways, even after working for 8 hours I still do not want to take these pants off. I feel like I'm getting away with something sneaky by wearing these to work. They look really nice, but seriously they are so comfortable. Plus, I feel like a taller, slightly rounder version of Audrey Hepburn. In the words of Rachel Zoe "I die."