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Hot Pants


{Shop: Similar Top, Clutch (c/o Modcloth), Heels}

I was going to name this post 'Candy Striper' but I decided it looked too much like 'candy stripper.' Which was my old identity that I'd like to keep in the past, of course. 'Hot Pants' is way more appropriate and not stripper related at all. 

I wore this outfit on Saturday night on a date. To the mall. With all of the other 14 year olds who have nowhere else to go with their love interests. I'm pretty sure we are running out of date ideas when we end up at a mall, but on the flip side I got to see the new H&M in Dallas. But on the other flip side, if this is 4 years in, what will dates look like in 10 years? Oh no, it's happening. All of a sudden all I want for my anniversary is a washer and dryer set... and a hug. And maybe a candle, if it's not asking too much.