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Pretty & Powerful

When Bobbi Brown Cosmetics approached me about their campaign 'Pretty & Powerful' one woman came to mind: my mother. My mother is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. As a little girl, I remember staring at my mom hoping to look just like her when I grew up. But my mother chose a long time ago to be something other than just a pretty girl. She chose to be strong, gracious and powerful.

Growing up, my mom would remind me of one thing: "be who you are." May it have been encouraging because I was the weirdest kid on the playground, or grounding because I was the most popular girl in class, she always quietly reminded me to be true to myself. But more than her words, I followed her actions. My mother doesn't change; she stays the same each and every year. No matter what the circumstance -- be it happy, sad or downright life shattering, my mother exudes a quiet power in every situation. My mother is pretty and powerful and I couldn't be more proud to be her daughter. 
You too can join in on the campaign, by leaving a comment below telling me who is 'Pretty & Powerful' in your life which also qualifies you to win a Bobbi Brown make-up palette given at random to one reader. For an extra entry, send your tweets to #prettypowerful. You can also cast a vote for contestants or submit your own video to the Pretty & Powerful campaign