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The Times They are a-changing

{Shop: Dress, Wedges}

You know that saying 'today is the first day of the rest of your life?" Well I personally feel like that's only applicable to a few life experiences like maybe if you woke up from a decade long coma or recently got out of prison. But today is the first day of a new chapter for me, so I feel like it's slightly appropriate. You see my friends, I have exciting news. Today I got the keys to a place that I'm renting. No, not to live in but to work in. In about 3 weeks from today, I'll open the doors to a little clothing shop that I will own and manage. After working on this for close to a year, I have to admit it's really really hard not to end every sentence with about 3 exclamation points and a emoticon that looks like this guy :-P. But for your sake, I'll spare you. Okay, maybe just a few... !!!!!!!! There, I'm better now. 

So what does that mean for my blog? For the month of September my outfits will probably be a bit more casual and I'll probably look tired from the lack of sleep due to high levels of anxiety and caffeine. But other than that no change. I'll still get dressed everyday because let's be honest, no one wants to see me naked. 

Oh and as for the hair, I went with Olivia 1.5. I couldn't quite gain the courage to go as short as #2. One day, you guys. One day.