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Boots and Bowling

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When I worked retail in college, I never skipped a beat when wearing heels for 8 hours a day. In fact, my senior year of college I had a bowling class before I went into work. Since I had to dress up for work, I just wore my heels to bowl because I didn't want to change outfits. Instead of wearing sneakers, I'd just bowl in my heels. I'd tell the coach that I forgot to bring socks for the bowling shoes and after a few weeks in, the coach finally gave up and let me bowl in heels. That my friends is an impressive feat on many levels. I'm still proud of that to this day. Then when I entered the professional world, my commute was from my car to my desk where I sat all day sans the occasional trip to the printer and vending machine. So wearing heels was never a problem, ever. But now that I'm on my feet all day, I've stopped bowling and let's face it my ankles aren't what they used to be, it's getting tricky trying to figure out how to make outfits work around comfortable foot gear. Also, that might be the first time the words 'foot gear' has every been used on a style blog. But I digress.
All that to say, I'd like to give a shout out to my tall boots for always being there when heels are not and for prolonging the amount of time that I have to shave my legs.
(PS: I got a 'B' in Bowling 1301. Still proud.)