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Wearing the Pants

{Similar Shirt, Similar Cardigan, Shoes}

Lately, I can't get enough of pants. Which is weird because if you look through my archives, you can see my slight obsession with skirts and dresses over the last two years. You see, after I hit the corporate world right after college, I didn't know a) how to dress my body and b) what to wear to the offic. One time someone told me I looked good in pants, so I stuck with it. So the sick cycle began: Corporate wear = pants from the Limited with generic top, then add cardigan. When I started styling blogging, wearing a skirt was pure freedom. I felt like a rebel every time I showed up in a cute skirt. And colored tights was the quiet equivalent of me re-enacting the 'Freedom' scene from Braveheart in the middle of the office. So it's a little surprising to me that my return to pants was so sudden, but I just can't enough. See you again in two years, skirts. (I kid. I don't like pants that much.)

PS -- Yes, my glasses are from BonLook! The style isn't available anymore but these are similar.