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American Living: Twelve Days of Giving

Every holiday season, I start to cave in. I love the holiday decorations, the Christmas music playing in every store, parties with friends and family. In other words, I start to get mushy on people and before you know I'm giving out unsolicited, lingering hugs. More than anything though, I begin to feel grateful for the people around me. So I love buying Christmas gifts for others -- it's the best way of showing how thankful I am for someone in my life.

When JC Penney's contacted me to participate in the 12 Days of Giving campaign with American Living. Their one request? Find someone and give a gift to them on behalf of American Living. Done. As I flipped through items on American Living, I stumbled upon this sweater and knew immediately who it was for.

This sweater is for my father who has not only helped me tremendously this year but has overcome a lot of obstacles over the last few years. It's one thing to look up to your dad when you are 8 years old and you only know him as your dad -- who takes you to school to every morning, fixes your flat tires, tells you he is proud of you after a basketball game that you probably lost for your team. But it's another as a grown up to look up to my dad as person and have even more love and respect for him. (Plus this is a really hip sweater and he needs a hip sweater in his closet.)  

Thank you to American Living for the generous offer. It's a good reminder that it is good to give.