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Ain't No Sunshine

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It's been rainy for the past few days. So I expected today to be rainy. This is why I did not wash my hair. It is not rainy today. Isn't that ironic? This is also true if I have the best hair day of my life, it will most certainly rain and I will most certainly be wearing a white top. Of course B said that my hair looked effortless. That's one way to put it.

It's cold outside. Granted my cold is not your cold most likely. When I say cold I mean below 50 degrees. When you say cold, you can see your breath outside and your probably wearing a floor length puffer coat. Tsk, tsk. Details people.

Anyways, it's cold and all I've been wanting to wear is pants. This is not normal for me, as I am drawn to skirts like a teenager to a mall. (It took me twenty minutes to come up with that analogy. It's going to stay.) All I'm trying to say is that I like pants. 2011 means pants for this girl. This year, I'm wearing the pants. (That one only took me a few seconds to come up. It was just too easy.)