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Create A Working Closet, Part 3: Organize

Since I took a week off, we've got some closet business to catch up on. This week the topic is Organizing. After I thought about it, it might be easier to organize then assess. But that would change my PAOSR acronym. And I hate changing a good acronym. So I guess do whatever makes sense for you. But leave my acronym alone.

The best way to actually see what you have is by getting organized. This is coming from the mouth of a girl who could live under a pile of clothing and not once complain. So trust me -- the weight of this message is huge.

Exhibit A:

This is what my closet has looked like at it's very worst. I snapped this photo one day when I realized that I in fact had a problem. Now I only post that to show you my true habits -- which are that of a slob. I would live in a shed if I had enough floor space to pile everything on. But my natural habits are not my best habits.

I know this more than anyone -- getting organized will you help you get dressed in the morning as well as help save you money. Remember when you thought you needed a black skirt but really you just needed to find it in your closet or under the bed or it somehow ended up in your pantry? Yeah, that happened to me too.

So please know I am by no means an expert on organizing one's closet. I just know how much of a help it is as compared to Exhibit A. This is simply how I do it and how I like it to look. Go at organizing your own closet in your own way. Just be sure to do it. You'll thank me later. And I, Kendi Lea Everyday, promise to never go back to Exhibit A ever again. Mainly because you'll call the health department on me.

Exhibit B:


See? I'm not a terrible human being after all.

1. Start with the shoes. To me, shoes are the easiest things to organize. I like to organize by type, so I showcase mine from flats to heels to heels to heels. I know I have a problem, I love heels. Since I have three pairs of boots, I place them on my top shelf, so they have enough room to stand up and keep their shape.


You want to know a hint? Put a few clean and empty wine bottle in your boots to help keep them upright. Want to know another hint? Don't drink wine while organizing your closet. Your methods will not make sense.You'll thank me later.


2. Next hit the racks (or rack in my case) of clothing. I have one rod in my closet so I have to maximize as much space as possible. I push all of my jackets in the back, I don't know why. There is no reason to organization, only rhyme. Then dresses, pants, skirts, sweaters, then tops. I don't color coordinate, as that doesn't really help me. But if  it helps you, go for it. Again it's your closet, this is mine. I like to pull outfits I've created to the front of my closet, so that in the morning I can have an idea of what to wear.

3. After that gather all of your accessories and get them in order. I like to place all of my scarves on a belt holder that I bought at Ikea as well as my belts. That way I can see what I have and they aren't tangled in a drawer somewhere.


I roll my tights and place them in a divider that I also found at Ikea. Then I stash my purses in a basket underneath my clothes. Out of the way, but I know they are there. This helps me sleep at night, knowing my purses are tucked away from harm.


4. Jewelry is one of the hardest things for me to keep organized, so with the help of my Necklace Showcase made by the lovely Jennie Claire I am able to keep them organized. I use this for my earrings and smaller, more delicate necklaces and I am able to keep them un-tangled. I can get pants tangled, so you can imagine what I can do with tiny chains.


Then I use a few racks to hang my hats and large necklaces on at the back of my closet. I call it my Accessories Wall, just like in Project Runway. Except smaller and less impressive.


5. Next I like to keep an inspiration board in my closet. Why? Why not is what you should be asking. Mostly I pull ideas for colors and pattern mixing. And I keep my inspiration board in my closet because I wasn't allowed to hang posters in my room as a child. This practice has carried with me into my adult years. Somehow I'm still pining for a particular Garfield poster. Something to do with lasagna.

6. And you're done! Well I'm done. You've just now started. And as always if you have any organization tips, PLEASE leave them below! I'm much better at collecting clothes instead of organizing.

AND if you are really into looking to blogger's closets, head on over to The Good Life for Less. After reviewing her post, I think she's naturally blessed with the organization gene. Don't be jealous.

For my scarves and belts: Ikea Komplement Multi-Use Hanger
For my tights: Ikea Skubb Box with Compartments
For my hats and large jewelry: Ikea Logga Hanger with 3 knobs
For my earrings and small necklaces: Jeannie Claire's Necklace Showcase

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