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How To Get a New Sweater for Free

{Shop: Similar Sweater, Skirt --cheaper in stores, Socks, Boots}

1. Rifle through your husband's/boyfriend's/roomate's closet.
2. Find one that you really like, that's just a few sizes too big for you. Make sure there is a type of natural fiber like wool or cashmere included in the line-up.
3. Offer to do a load of his laundry.
3. Toss into the dryer on high. Shrink the love out of it.
4. When he finds it folded in his closet, he'll say something like "Remind me not to buy sweaters with wool in them they always shrink. Do you want this one?"
5. Nod your head innocently and take it.

And now you have a new sweater that fits perfectly. See, wasn't that easy?