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Winter Blues


I took a "blah day" yesterday. Do you ever have days like that -- where your hair or your make up doesn't look right, and nothing you put on works?( If you answered no to that rhetorical question, I am slightly envious of you.) I was standing in the middle of my closet yesterday, with a boxy sweater dress on that is the least flattering thing I own but just can't part with, looking through my closet. I would pick something out, put it back and sigh. My husband walked passed the closet, took one look at me and said "are you feeling sorry for yourself?"

I ignored him. But yes. Yes, I was. A girl can have a moment right? Of course she can, as long as that moment doesn't involve the words "poor pitiful me" and "shopping spree." My moment mainly consisted of "I don't want to look cute today" and "I want some dark chocolate." So I gave myself the day off to be as blah as I possibly could -- and "the little sweater dress that couldn't" stayed on.

So to combat that feeling this morning, I decided to go back to my favorite basic pieces. Dressing in winter can easily turn drab, but I think the best part of winter is that you can layer, which creates some of the cutest outfits. So I picked out a few of my all time favorite pieces and turns out they all worked together just fine. Another blah day saved by the basics of my closet. I was this close to kissing my pencil skirt, but I didn't want to make my blazer jealous.

Apparently this is what I look like when I'm cold.


{Insert funny caption here.}