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7 Things About Us: The Stupid School Years Version

Gina from Huzzah Vintage tagged me in this "7 things" thing. I normally pass on tag-and-answer posts mostly because I'm lame. But a chance to post more embarrassing photos of myself as a child? It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

1. In junior high, I broke up with a guy that I had dated for three weeks. On a cordless phone. While roller-blading. Alone. In my garage.

2. A sampling of the concerts I attended in high school: Creed, Matchbox20, Britney Spears. Jealous?

3. I peed my pants in second grade (on accident, ok?). And I thought that by backing out of the class room slowly was the best move to conceal my ashamed pants. Turns out this is not the best move.

4. I played with Barbie Dolls until I was 13. Fine, until I was 14.

5. One time I set up a lemonade stand with borrowed lemonade mix from a neighbor. Who left his house unlocked and I wondered in a borrowed it. You say theft, I say straight profit.

6. I threw up in more K-Marts in my childhood than I bet you've even been in. I have a knack for vomiting in the toy aisle.

7. In 3rd grade, I went to Career Day as a model complete with a caboodle and denim jacket. My teacher told me that's not a real career. I often wonder what she would think of me now.

Bonus: And as you can see above, at 7 years old I had the largest collection of handmade rompers in the whole state of Texas. Even as a young lad, I always had a knack for fashion.

If you find it in your heart to reveal 7 embarrassing things about yourself as well, consider yourself my best friend. 

However, I request mandatory posts from these girls. Or else. 
Jentine, Elaine, Keira, Kristine, Indiana, Liz, and Linley.