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Copy Much?

{Shop: Similar Turtleneck, Shoes, Necklace}

Yesterday I accidentally said "It's 2001, for goodness sake!" To which Bryan replied, "No, it's not. It's 2011." It's going to take some time to catch me up on the last ten years, but if anyone is up for the task it's Bryan. Tonight he's going to teach about YouTube and Snuggies. Tomorrow, Facebook.

So I copied Elaine from Clothed Much again. (Yeah, I said again.) She tweeted about these pants one day and I immediately got shopper's envy, which some people use the word covet for. But I prefer shopper's envy, because it doesn't sound like I want to knock her unconscious and take what she has. It doesn't sound like that, but that doesn't mean I won't do it. Lucky for Elaine she is many miles away from me and also, she is tiny. One day I will hold you in my giant girl arms, Elaine, one day. Till then I'll just steal your clothes. 

I could have named this post so many things. One would have been "How to get dressed for $50 or less." As my pants were a wooping $16, down from $98.  But then the rest of my outfit costs something like $36, so that title would have been a lie. Another could have been "My feet are cold but I refuse to wear trouser socks." But somehow that just didn't have quite the ring to it that I was looking for.