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I got an email the other day from this gal asking if I wanted to swap some duds with her. I love a good swap -- it's like getting free clothes that you don't have to wash, you just wear them and send them back. In fact, that's exactly what it's like. So here's to not doing laundry for three days. Anyone else want to swap me clothes? It's fun, I don't sweat much and I'm fairly clean, I promise.

When I opened her box, I took one look at this dress and thought "there is no way that is going to look good on me." I've never been a fan of wrap dresses because I can't belt them. (Even though my internet lover, Jentine wears them better than a real life Career Day Barbie Doll.) But who am I to tell Diane Von Furstenberg that she can't make a pretty dress? So I put it on and immediately wanted to keep it. And if I didn't have this blog and Jessica couldn't track me down, I probably would. Come to think of it....I probably will. The chances of her tracking me down are slim.

All of that to say -- if, like me, you haven't tried a wrap dress before, maybe you should. Apparently they are super freaking flattering. Plus I wasn't sure if I could wear tall boots with such a pretty dress, but I did it anyways and it's fine. These are the things that get me excited, people.

I need more friends. Or at least cable.

{See how Jessica styled the dress here}