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The Gingham Gang

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A few days ago Liz on twitter suggested that we should all wear our gingham shirts today, but style them differently. I love a good group project so I was in. And since no one styles a gingham shirt quite like J.Crew I called up my old high school pal, Jenna Lyons, and I asked her what she would do. She never returned my calls but I figured sequins would be in that answer somewhere. Just like Shakespeare said: "All that glitters is not gold." It's sequins, of course. 

 I suggested The Gingham Gang for the name of this one-day group project, simply because it sounds tough. Who wants to mess with the Gingham Gang? I bet they carry tissues in their purses, cry at most movies, and have internet connectivity on their phones at all times. Don't hang out in the sale section of a J.Crew, you don't want to mess with the Gingham Gang. They will tear you up. 

Then I got to thinking, how many times have I remixed this beloved shirt? Let me count the ways. 


And now 8. And to think, I have yet to wash it.