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{Shop: Maxi Dress, Similar Blazer, Wedges, Clutch}

I'm pretty sure that I'm having the best hair day ever. I don't think you understand -- the best hair day I've ever had, ever. There was this one day in 6th grade that could rival this 'do, but from what my memory can dig up, I think today is the winner. I know why my hair looks so good, too. It's because I keep threatening to cut it or get bangs. So listen up hair, if tomorrow doesn't look this good I'm going to go all Rihanna on you. 

Over the weekend, I was in Dallas. Meaning I was at a Gap. It was a 40% off sale, I couldn't not go. That would be like someone inviting you to a wedding and not going even though you were in town. That's just mean. I'd hate to hurt Gap's feelings, so I lightly browsed for a few minutes and ended up with this dress and a pair of shorts. Shopping is at once my strength and my weakness. 

Also, there was someone standing right around the corner of this wall. I'm not sure if it was more awkward for him or for us. But to make myself and my hair feel better I'm going to go with him.