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A Farewell to Spring

{Shop: Dress, Scarf, Similar Belt, Shoes}

It's getting ridiculously hot here. I didn't even check the temperature today because I could tell it was going to be in the 90s just by looking outside. (Just kidding, I checked the weather. There's no way I can tell the temperature by looking outside, you guys. I'm not a witch.) It's to the point that people look at me weird that I have a scarf around my neck in this heat. From December to March, no one cares. But once April rolls around, the scarf haters come out. And on one hand, I will agree that my neck was a little sweaty, but on the other hand, look how pretty my scarf is. 

Dresses are a staple for summertime, they are easy and effortless. And most importantly, if I'm wearing a dress, I'm not wearing pants. I'm pretty sure (like 98% certain) that I'm going to live in dresses this summer.  I will also live in a house, but that I am 100% sure of.