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Math Lessons

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These pants are 50/50 on so many levels. 50% cool and modern, then on the other hand 50% grandma pleats from 1984. But 50% cool are still really good odds, especially for me. I typically hover around 34% cool most days, so I feel great in these pants. That's a 16% increase in overall coolness. I also bought them for 40% off. 

Did you get all that? I'm 16% cooler than I was yesterday. Math lesson for today complete. 

Today has been eventful.  I woke up. Then I accidentally flirted with a 19 year old and got a free espresso. Then I was stopped in a parking lot and asked "Honey, how do you walk in those shoes?" I hope you've used your best southern accent when you read that question, because I'm pretty sure this lady was Paula Dean's sister. I answered coyly with "One step at a time." She didn't find me humorous, she just slowly nodded and walked away. I actually think that she was concerned about the welfare of my ankles. And anyone who is kind enough to be concerned about my ankles is a friend of mine. Even if she was a bit judge-y.

(Admittedly I should have included this video the first time around. To the mom's of the 90's, I apologize in advance.)