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Go-To Outfit

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I've decided that a blazer and a dress is my easiest go-to outfit when it's Monday and I'm tired and I can't even remember why I'm awake. Turns out that it is also Kristen Wiig's go-to outfit in 'Bridesmaids' which we saw yesterday. (Hilarious movie, go see it right this minute.) And as I was watching the screen thinking "I love her outfit" the girl next to me leans over to her friend and gingerly says "I hate how she wears those blazers! It's so annoying." But then again she also said that Don Draper was ugly, so I'm not sure about the validity of her opinions.

Today we had about 4 minutes to get about 20 photos due to high winds and a rogue skater boy/boi. Good thing I've spent years wasting time watching America's Next Top Model and copying the poses in my mirror. Who needs to read books when I've got the smize to practice? Not this girl.