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This Outfit says "Thank You"

{Shop: Cardigan, Heels, Necklace}

First off, thank you for your kind, kind words and support on the post below. In fact, consider this whole post a thank you card.  I was a bit nervous to put myself out there on the ol' internets. Yeah, sure I post my outfits but you didn't really think that I wore these get-ups everyday did you? It's all lies, I tell you. Lies. I don't even have brown hair. This is a wig. 

All kidding aside, sincerely thank you. It's not always easy being honest/having so many darn feelings on the internet. (I've laughed/cried/cried twice while writing this post.) If I knew you guys liked honesty and feelings so much, I'd cut the comedy act and cut straight to the emotions.

Oh yeah, things are about to get raw.

*This outfit also needs to say "Happy Mother's Day" to my mom. Sorry about the late card that I swear is in the mail.