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I Did NOT Wear This Today.


Just so we're clear, I didn't wear this today. This outfit is actually from last Thursday. (You know the day the world ended. AKA the day blogger didn't work.) I'm gonna be honest, I put about zero effort into getting dressed today, so I'm glad I had this outfit to blog. I guess you'll never know if I had a good hair day today or not. Never. How you will sleep tonight not knowing is beyond me.

I got these shoes at Nordstrom Rack for $22 or something ridiculous like that. Even the sales guy was proud of me. It's hard to find Calvin Klein purple suede heels in size 10 for less than $25 but I did it. But you know, I got to thinking about it and these shoes were snubbed by many shoppers if they landed in my hands for so cheap. Either I know something they don't, or I just really like clown shoes. Suede clown shoes, mind you. I have standards.