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Date Night Edition

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I wore this outfit last Thursday on a date night with my boyfriend, who just happens to be my husband. (Things are going well, thanks for asking.) It's reached the 100 degree mark here in Texas and it's only May. That means that by August, our house will probably burn down from the heat. 

We had plans for this weekend. Plans that involved a kiddie pool and pretending that we were back in college. Only one thing stood in our way: food poisoning. B got it and got it bad. No it wasn't from my cooking and no, I didn't poison him this time. (This time!?! Just kidding, I've never poisoned him. Promise.) Poor kid was on the couch all weekend long with me as his nurse. I'm not the worst caregiver, but the only way I know how to comfort someone is with food. Turns out when you've been poisoned by food, being offered food doesn't help at all. Go figure. Luckily for him, it only lasted for 24 hours. 

And then I made him cookies. Cookies after food poisoning always do the trick.