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Almost Vintage


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I feel a bit like bleubird vintage today. Maybe it's the hair, the three adorable kids I have with me or the fact that I'm wearing a might-be vintage dress that my mother kindly hemmed for me. (She's cheap too, she let me pay in hugs and hand-me-downs.) Either way, I like it.

When I first started reading style blogs, I was fascinated -- literally fascinated-- with the way bloggers would wear thrifted or vintage items without looking like Mildred, the previous owner. And while I had thrifted before, I was always on the lookout for ironic t-shirts to wear to my college class, as to look like I didn't care, but I did, but I didn't. All the while I had no idea there were beautiful vintage dresses, blouses, skirts, shoes just waiting to be worn.

I've never thought of my style as vintage, maybe a few pieces here or there could pass but let's be honest -- current trends make my heart double beat. But I've always loved the way some girls can make a vintage dress look so modern and beautiful. And while I loved and envied their style, I've always thought that's just not my style.

Not to get all blogmotional on you, but thinking back just two years ago I would have never picked up this dress. I would have never thought "take some inches off the bottom, grab a wide belt and we've got ourselves an outfit." And yet a few weeks ago, I picked this dress up and knew immediately how to wear it. More often than not I still feel like the girl who looks longingly onto blogs, thinking "can I do that?" So as a reader of style blogs, I say thank you to all the girls who inspire me and so many others to try something new. Turns out that you can teach an old blog new tricks.