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My So-Called Outfit

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This is how I do 90's grunge. You know completely showered and with heels and a cute purse. Only my purse doesn't quite match my shoes -- I'm so edgy and experimental. I think it's the tiny floral print that reminds me of the early 90's and the slightly military vest. Ahh those were the days. When you didn't have to try so hard to look grunge. 

I wore this Saturday while visiting my family. AKA while being the best aunt ever (right, nephews? right??) Actually, I accidentally said a mild curse word in front of one of them (I'm 99% sure he didn't hear it) and then received the nickname "firehead". Honestly, 5 year olds perceptions aren't that far off.  In fact, this was his portrait of me:

The arm/leg combo is a bit off, but he's got the lips and the hair just right.