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Summer Nights

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I wore this out the other night to a little town close-by that we like to sneak away to every once in a while. For one, they have better pizza than in our town and two, this little alley way looks like Europe. (At least it does in my head.) You know it's funny, other parts of the country dress for the weather. But I feel like in Texas we just dress around the weather. Sure it's hot, but I still have to wear clothes right? I mean really in this heat naked would be the best option. But I've been kicked out of too many places to try that option again. 

As I'm trying to type out this post, I can't finish because annoying 6th grade Kendi is in my head and keeps yelling "JORTS!" when I try to make complete sentences. You don't remember 6th grade Kendi? How could you forget?

I give up. Jorts win.