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Bright Idea

So I've been on an imaginary hunt for a little silk jacket like so. But since my hunt is imaginary and I don't want to put up the cash for that one, I got the bright idea today to use my oversized scarf as one. And now for what I like to call....

"This is not a DIY project!"

Since I just took this huge scarf (I mean huge, it might be a fashion blanket? I'm not sure.) and tied the corners to make a little shoulder cover/jacket thingy, I can't really call this a DIY.  It's not like I sewed the scarf together or used scissors or glue. I simply tied it.  You can, of course, do this yourself but you can do a lot of things yourself, I'm certain. Anything I can do, you can do better. That is my mantra, my friends.