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When I first started discovering style blogs, it was this outfit that caught my eye. Here she had taken a plain white tee and made it look incredibly styled.  As I was reading her blog, I was sitting in my cold cubicle (don't act like you don't read blogs at work too) wearing some boring office pants that I hated and all of a sudden, I felt inspired. From that day on I was smitten with style blogs. 

I've always been a bit underwhelmed with the idea of a plain white tee but it happens to be one of the most versatile things you can own. Of course whenever I wear a white tee, Bryan always asks if we need to get photos before I eat. This is to combat ketchup or salsa stains, two condiments that appear at almost every meal of mine. Many an outfit picture has been ruined because I rub my grubby little hands on my shirt or somehow I end up with syrup in my hair -- and I didn't even eat pancakes that day.

I am a toddler. But more like Suri Holmes Cruise, since she's the only baby I know that wears heels.