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The End

I know you aren't going to believe me but this is not my house or my balcony. Our house doesn't have a balcony, in fact I'm not even sure if we have an attic. But I am 99% sure we don't have a second floor. Of course who needs a second floor to have a balcony? I could just knock out our bedroom wall and put up some columns. And some of the huge lion statues, so people know we are high class. 

Hence, why I went with a style blog instead of a decor blog. 

This will round up my 30 for 30 summer remix.  (I'll try to post all 30 looks this week, promise.) I always feel like I just finished running a marathon after a 30 for 30. Although technically I've never run a marathon. I have run a full mile though. I know, you are impressed and probably thinking, 'how does this girl have time to run a whole mile once in her life and wear clothes?' 

It's a gift.