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Granny Bottom

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So after seeing this girl's pants redo I became a woman obsessed. I had snagged these pants for fiddy cents (that's right half a dollar. Not for a trade in of the talented rap star.) and I took them to my mom. She sewed them right up and voila! I have new blue pants that give me a fine granny booty. I am going to be a hit up in the club. Of course the only club around these parts is a bridge club. Again, I'll be a hit but probably because some old lady will recognize her pants and want them back.

I feel like it's only a matter of time before rap songs start talking about granny bottom pants. I know what America wants -- a high waisted bottom with an plastic animal print belt? Yes, please. 


*also, please excuse the awkward half rolled up cuff. I didn't realize what it looked like until it was too late, meaning I had already taken my pants off.