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fake shopping is better than no shopping at all

Here are my outfits from the week which means -- I'm halfway there. My husband bought me a cute little hat from Target for being halfway done with my project and probably to say thank you for not spending his whole paycheck this time around.

Guess what? I walked into Zara and Madewell today and walked out empty-handed and completely unsatisfied. Why would I put myself in this situation, you ask? Because my husband was pre-occupied with iPads at the moment and had let loose on my leash and I wandered off. I did however spend $300 in imaginary money and bought a size smaller in my imaginary clothes. Then everyone applauded me as I rode off into the clouds on a unicorn waving goodbye to them while iPads were raining from the sky.

On that note, I better go drug test myself and get ready for bed. How was everyone's weekend?