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monday is the new black.

Today was a rotten bitch of a day.* Even my thinking positive schtick didn't last long. In fact today took my positive thinking mantra punched it in the face and shoved it in a locker. Needless to say, I kept my mouth shut and waited for 5 pm.

So when we went to take outfit pictures, my ensemble just wasn't working. I wore wide-legged, high waisted jeans but instead of looking chic, they looked like JNCO's straight out of my 8th grade yearbook. All I needed was a denim bucket hat, deep, ridiculing acne and braces. We called it quits and did not finish that shoot. Mostly because I couldn't find my bucket hat.

Then I got home and started to cook dinner - - chicken tacos with black beans. Yum right? Yeah, until I accidentally put cinnamon in the black beans instead of the very close to the same color spice, cumin. There is a reason cinnamon goes on toast. Of course this wasn't due to my lack of judgement, just my lack of sanity.

So what do you do when your day is doomed, my friends? You go into your closet and put on the most ridiculous outfit you can find (AKA your adult sized tutu) and you take pictures with your husband. That's what you do.


And if that doesn't help, Girl Scout Cookies always do the trick.

girl scout cookies

Tuesday, I'm counting on you. Don't let me down.

*Pardon my french if you happen to be related to me or younger than say 14. If you're not either of those, carry on.