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orange crush

So these pictures were taken yesterday afternoon, approximately 2 hours before the sickness hit. I went to the doctor today only to find out that the sickness is incurable. Looks like its touch and go, my friends. I may not make it through the rest of the week. Good news is the doctor prescribed me some narcotics. If narcotics are wrong, I don't want to be well.

My husband just called me. I told him I smelled bad. He said "Did you shower today?" I think he missed the I'm sick memo I left him this morning at around 2 am, when I was wallering in my sickness. I don't dress up for sick days.

As I've mentioned before my mother is a remarkable women for many reasons. Selfishly she is remarkable for contributing to my anthropologie collection. She gave me this dress for my 25th birthday last year. Oh and she also gave me life. Thanks mom, I owe you.

Well the hydrocodone is kicking in. That is my cue to end this post unless you want me to talk about unicorn babies and carnivals. Goodnight, friends, I'll see you in the morning.