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the man, the legend, the photographer

Okay, one more sick day I promise. I'll be back and better than ever tomorrow. (Don't hold me to that if I'm not). But I thought that I'd do a little post on the photographer of my blog, my husband.

Meet Bryan.

Bryan and I met in college after his girlfriend at the time introduced us. That's right, I'm a hussie. Okay not exactly. I was in a study abroad group with his girlfriend and we were supposed to travel the next semester to Austria. Well I was on the fence and she suggested I talk to her boyfriend about it, as he had lived in Switzerland for a bit. I did indeed talk to him about it and turns out he is a horrible persuader. (Still is to this day). I did not end up going but him and his girlfriend did end up calling it quits that summer. We started seeing each other around campus more and before we knew it we were secretly waiting at the same coffee shop every afternoon for each other. Bryan would hold his tutoring sessions there and I would skip class to "study". And by study I mean stare at him from across the shop. When he would get done with his tutoring sessions he would go to the bathroom and casually run into me and would sit with me for the rest of the afternoon. Hours upon hours of coffee shop talk turned into hours and hours of phone calls and eventually dating. And then when we had had enough of dating, we decided to call it quits. We got married on January 12, 2008. I haven't had a better day since.


So little did I know that my husband was so darn talented. I knew the he had always been into film photography, but it wasn't something that he pursued much after college. About a year and a half ago, he decided to pick the camera back up as a past time. He started again with film but decided to switch to digital. Fast forward a year later and he decided to start up his own photography business on the side. What can I say -- when you got it, you got it.

So about three months ago, when I started this whole thing I (naturally) asked him to take photos for me. It was tough at first because he had no idea of what I wanted. And I had no idea how to translate what I wanted to him. But once we got on the same page, things started to roll. Now he takes beautiful pictures everyday and I've never once been an unsatisfied customer. (I pay him only in kisses and servings of Hamburger Helper).

I've had a few people ask questions about him and his photography, so I thought that I'd do a little interview with him. Here are the questions and the answers:
What kind of camera do you use? For Kendi's blog, I use a Nikon D90 and I usually shoot with 18-55mm lens.

Do you do photography full-time or on the side? For now, it's all on the side. This usually means weekend shoots and working after my other job. But I'd love to pursue this as my full-time career.

What camera recommendations do you have for budding photographers? For photography, there are basically two choices: Canon or Nikon. For Canon, I would suggest a Canon Rebel XSI. It's easy to use and to understand, perfect for new beginners. For Nikon, I would say a Nikon D3000. WIth either of these choices, you can achieve higher level results with the ease of a point and shoot. They are both a great introduction to DSLR cameras.

Do you have any tips for fashion bloggers photography?
  • A great or unique location can really create interest in a photograph and highlight the clothes you are wearing.
  • Another tip is the time of day that you shoot. Early morning light or late afternoon light is always my favorite light because of the softness it gives to photos. Mid-day light can sometimes be too harsh.
  • Be comfortable. If you are nervous or uncomfortable, it'll show. Dropping or relaxing your shoulders is an easy way to look more relaxed.
So now you officially know every detail of my life. The secrets of my closet, the inter-workings of my marriage and now my husband. I have nothing left to give. Except an outfit or two. Or maybe a bio on my dogs. We'll see.

(Tired of photographs of me? Visit Bryan's site and blog. I promise he takes pictures of other people too.)