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gal friday

I feel weird blogging on a Friday night. But in all honesty, this is the first Friday night in a very long time that my husband and I have been home with no friends coming into town, no family and absolutely no plans. Oh yes, and no quasi-disease threatening to attack every good part of my body. Needless to say, we are stoked.

So what do we have planned this evening you ask? Well we started with pizza and wings (which I accidentally just typed "wigs" instead of "wings". Pizza and wigs was last night. On Thursday nights, we can get crazzzzy.) And now we have moved on to catching up on 30 Rock, Community and The Office. I might even see if the husband will spring for a Project Runway. Tim Gunn -- it's been too long.

At my office, pretty much every day can be casual Friday, if you'd like. There is literally no known dress code. Don't get me wrong if I showed up in a snuggie and some sweat pants day after day, someone would call HR on me. (Rightfully so. Snuggie me once, shame on you. Snuggie me twice, shame on me.) But I could probably wear a halloween costume and as long as it hit around my knees, no one would complain. However, with the lax rules and atmosphere I try to keep my jean wearing to a minimum, just so that I don't abuse the freedom. Plus, it feels good after a week of skirts to finally put on some jeans. One day I think that I'm going to walk in and my co-workers will applaud me for having covered legs. Till then though, 4 days for skirts and dresses and 1 day for jeans.

Okay, TV break is over. Sad when you take a break from television to blog. Sad or an extremely good Friday night?

Feather Necklace courtesy of Dolly and Boy Jewelry.