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cut and sew

Well, aren't you all little poets? I grant you all the "Best Haiku Ever" award.
best haiku
Feel free to print this out and fill out your name. I'm very proud to call you all my friends.

Sorry I've been MIA. I bet you've been wondering about me, especially since that last depressing post. Don't worry, my ovaries did not take over, I'm still here. In fact, I've since gotten some sleep and some wine and I got to see my mom. The world is now a nice shade of rosy pink. (Or should I say 'blush'?)

Speaking of my mom, I got this dress a few weeks ago while thrifting*. It was a bit on the long side for me (AKA below the knees) so I got my mom to chop it off and sew it up. Voila -- I got a new dress for $1. Labor not included since she's my mother. Labor on both accounts, I suppose. So thank you mom for the half hour of labor you put into this dress and for the hours of labor you put into actually having me. Happy Mother's Day.

(Bryan just informed me I'm a bit late on Mother's Day. I guess I'll save my macaroni necklace and the framed classic "hand prints in plaster of paris" for next year.)

*definition for my dad. Thrifting is when people go to thrift stores or consignment shops and buy second hand clothing. Just so we are clear Dad, I began this when I started making my own money. I bought new clothes on your paycheck.