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I quit.


Did you hear that? That was me giving myself a round of applause for finishing my 30 for 30 challenge. (It was a standing ovation, if you were wondering. Not a dry eye in the house.) I also bought myself a trophy, a dozen roses and a chocolate milkshake. Then I told myself "I'm really proud of you, son." in the voice of my father.
And this is me excited:

If you can't tell, I'm very proud of myself for finishing this challenge. Although you only got to see the happy side of it, I pretty much complained my way through it. But in the end, I finished and that's what matters. All in all, it was a great experience and the "mine mine mine" syndrome I suffer from when I go shopping has been slightly diminished. I have to tell you not shopping was very hard. As reader Renee pointed out, I shouldn't have limited myself to no shopping at store and no shopping in my own closet. Renee -- are you a life coach? Do you want to be mine? That, my friend, is brilliant. If (and I mean if) I ever do this again, I will most likely only restrict one thing at a time.

After the first two weeks of not shopping, the shakes finally went away. After week 3, my cravings weakened. After week 4, I started drinking a lot more wine. After week 5, I started window shopping and polishing up my credit cards. But if there is one thing I've learned, it's that if I am going to buy anything I better be able to re-mix the crap out of it. Otherwise, it has no business being in my closet.

I wanted to say thanks to all of you guys who continued reading my blog AND who offered support and encouragement. I wanted to pay you back for your kindness, so if you would all look under your chairs...just kidding. My husband hates when I pretend that I'm Oprah and I give away fake things. But seriously, thank you for the encouragement, if you guys wouldn't have been reading I would have quit the challenge on day 2. (I have zero integrity.)

I would also like to thank my accessories. I mean where would I have been without my necklaces, scarves and hats? And of course, the greatest accesory of all -- my wedding ring. (We got in a fight today so I'm giving out a shameless plug to win my husband's love back. I think it's working.)

So I'm going to be really sad to quit my blog. JUST KIDDING. But I am going to be really sad to burn all of my challenge re-mix items. I started to really like some of those things. JUST KIDDING. Seriously though, who wants to go run up some serious debt with me? just kidding, kind of.

Here are my last ten outfits from this challenge. I'll try to post all of the outfits tomorrow sometime while wearing a brand new outfit that you've never seen. Can I get an amen?