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shiny happy blog post

stank eye
long way down

You guys I can't concentrate enough to write a blog post tonight. I wouldn't consider this writer's block, I would consider it more of my ovaries attacking my brain because apparently taking over a week of my life and throbbing isn't quite cruel enough. Needless to say, today was brutal. For being the size of almonds, they sure do know how to break up a good time.

I feel like I should apologize to you guys for not being Suzy Sunshine. I mean I dressed like Suzy Sunshine today (well if Heidi and Suzy's brother Sonny Sunshine hooked up and had a kid, that's what I dressed like today. Oh and not Heidi from The Hills, Heidi from the hills, as in Switzerland.) Anyways, it would make me feel better if you all left partially emo-esque haiku poems for me in the comments area. Heck, I'd even take a limerick. I'll be waiting, with my black nail polish and a snickers bar.

I'll start you off:

today was a bitch
so many meetings and calls
I've run out of wine

(PS -- if you haven't left me your blog link already, please do so whenever you leave a comment or haiku. I love blogs way too much to not be reading yours.)