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Kendi and The Giant Suitcase

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few weeks. I have been a traveling machine. In less than two weeks I went from one coast to the other and while racking up my frequent flyer miles, I have come to a realization. I, Kendi Lea Everyday, am a terrible packer.

This week I'm in Orlando for a marketing convention. That's an easy task, right? Wrong. The minute I pull out my suitcase I immediately forget how to dress well. It's like a vacuum that sucks out all creativity and originality and all I end up with are tops and bottoms. It's literally like I closed my eyes pulled out 5 tops and 5 bottoms and threw them into my suitcase. Case in point:


Sure I look fine for a convention. A little wrinkly but cute enough, right? But that's not the point. This outfit is just not me. I would have never gone into my closet and put this outfit on. This feels like the "first year out of college Kendi" who relied on pencil skirts and cardigans to cover up a body she wasn't comfortable with yet. Honestly, I just feel bored. This is what packing 41 lbs of my life into a suitcase results in: complete boredom. (At least a cute belt got thrown in.)

Yes, I've always had this problem, if you were wondering. I've never been able to pack well. Even when I say to myself "I'm going to pack well" it doesn't happen. Just like you can't think yourself thin, I can't think myself into packing well. I look in my suitcase and feel like someone else packed for me. Someone I don't know and someone who certainly doesn't know me. And someone who didn't know that Florida had sun and beaches and that packing a pair of shorts would have been a very appropriate choice as would have a dress and a pair of flip-flops. Who is this girl who packed for me? She needs to be fired.

All that to say, I'll be back on Friday with an outfit post. Till then I'll be sitting out by the pool in a pair of jeans and a sweater.