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pretty in pink

(preface: My husband just farted right in my face. Seriously. As I was blogging. In my face.)

I pretty much just want to jump up and down screaming "look at me! look at me!" because I'm not wearing the same thing that I wore two days ago. And I'm not hiding behind a myriad of scarves to mask the shirt I've been wearing for a week straight. In other words, I feel good.

I actually had a really hard time picking out what to wear today. It was like being introduced to a buffet for the first time. (I still remember my first buffet like it was yesterday. It was a Shoney's and I was 5 years old.) I was overwhelmed to say the least. (at the buffet and in my closet.) And sadly a little underwhelmed. I know that seems bratty but I wanted all of the outfits I'd been lusting to wear to jump out at me this morning, but nothing did. So I relied on my new-ish skirt and a cute ruffle top. You can never go wrong with a ruffle. Even on a swimsuit, specifically around the upper thigh area. There is nothing a ruffle can't hide. Especially after eating for 4 hours straight at a Shoney's before going swimming. Not that I ever have. But I have this friend who has and she told me that ruffles hide anything.

This just got weird didn't it?